London United – one of the capitals quality bus operators.

Our Origins

London United Busways was set up as a subsidiary of London Buses in 1989. The Company was a “reincarnation” of the former London United Tramways, an operator of trams and trolleybuses in West and South West London absorbed by the London Passenger Transport Board in 1933.

Upon privatisation in 1994, it was purchased by a management buyout and renamed ‘London United’.

Throughout our history, we have always had a reputation of being a quality operator with quality employees. Today operating a network of routes across Central, West and South-West London on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), our goal is to confirm our long term status as a leading provider of bus services in London.

Driven by People

As one of the main London operators, we want to provide a consistently high quality service and deliver what we say we will and on time.

A socially responsible company, with an absolute commitment to quality in everything we do; we approach our work with enthusiasm and a can do attitude and know that our people are our strongest asset.

We enable local managers and their teams to work independently and promote teamwork across the business by sharing best practice and good ideas. We believe that by actively learning from each other we can create an environment where we can make the most of our collective knowledge.

Our team is first and foremost a multicultural team, made up of highly talented individuals with a rich diversity of skills and expertise.  Our central focus is on promoting the knowledge and expertise of our people in all our locations to make a real difference in today’s increasingly competitive public transport market. We are proud of our roots, our achievements and our ambitions.

Employing more than 2,500 staff and maintaining a fleet of some 900 buses, we operate services from seven garages.


More facts

We currently have 61 part time drivers, who cover school bus routes and rail replacement buses.

We have 100 controllers monitoring our services so that they run as reliably as possible.

We have 10 driving instructors teaching new trainee drivers how to drive a bus in and around London, using our 14 training buses.

We have 154 admin staff working across our 7 sites.